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I’m singing a Queen song in my head. And maybe also a little bit out loud. (I found shoes!)

Yep, that’s right, I have an uber-famous Queen song stuck in my head, and no, ladies and gents, this time it is not Fat Bottomed Girls. While I do consider FBG to be somewhat of an anthem for myself and my comrades with the ample derrières, this time that song is not applicable. …Though I do anxiously await its rotation in a jukebox (Do these actually still exist??) in a crowded bar one day in my future so I can belt its lyrics at the top of my lungs. I do love so love belting that tune. But I digress.

The Queen song I find myself singing these days is none other than the good ol’ in-your-face-losers anthem We Are the Champions. And I’m singing it from the point of view of the royal we. Because really we is just me. But I am no less a champion in my royal we-ness. No, I am every bit a champion. In what way, you ask? Because I found my wedding shoes!!

Yes, dozens of department stores and fancy shmancy retail shoe chains and innumerable web searches later, I am the proud owner of the prettiest wedding shoes in all the land. I’ll admit, I might be the slightest bit biased. But really, they are pretty stellar. They’re a rich, glorious, drool-worthy deep purple – a royal purple, some might even say. They’re not too tall and not too short but just the absolute perfect height for dress-to-floor optimization. They’re decadent satin with soft, subtle detailing. Can you tell I’m in shoe love?

Ok, ok, without further ado, here’s the shoe! (Yes, I’m a dork; I’m well aware that rhymed!)

The Nina Fulvia:


No shoes. Where’s the purple love?

Disappointingly, I must report I am still shoe-less. And let’s face it, that’s just not going to work. I can’t be a barefoot bride. I mean, I am from East Tennessee and all, but seriously, I plan on channeling that side of me when I have a couple of drinks and start drawling my vowels to everyone’s amusement. I don’t need to be barefoot too. It’s all about moderation, people.

I didn’t realize I was asking a lot when I started searching for a purple heel. I realize white, ivory, silver and gold evening/wedding shoes are going to be way more prevalent than my particular favorite color of the rainbow, but sheesh, no department stores in Wisconsin or Illinois seem to carry pumps in plum or violet or lavender or indigo.

So, it looks like I will be ordering these all-important feet candy online and crossing my fingers for the best. It always makes me a little apprehensive to order shoes online, when every pair of shoes fits differently and the perfect fit for me could be anywhere from a 7 to an 8. Thankfully, most companies have fairly decent return policies these days.

In case you were curious, these are some of the heeled beauties that have been making my tail wag.

If money grew on trees and it were a perfect shoe world, I’d be running around (Ok, maybe more like walking very carefully) in a pair of Christian Louboutin heels like these. I’ve had a love affair for red-soled Louboutins for as long as I can remember.

Christian Louboutin suede pumps

Or maybe some Badgley Mischkas like these.

Badgley Mischka Randall

More realistically, I am eyeing shoes like these Ninas.

Nina Reni Purple Metallic Linen

Nina Forbes

I also dig these RSVPs.

RSVP Michaela

RSVP Taran

And I even love these Me Toos that just have a slight wedge to them.

Me Too Stellina

I’m on the hunt for shoes

The shoes. The shoes that will perfectly complete my wedding ensemble. I’m searching for shoes that will make my heart pitter patter and will make clouds part and rays of sunshine beam through and a choir to sing. (Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. But you get the idea; these shoes are special.)

On one hand, it seems kinda crazy to invest so much energy into one pair of shoes. They’re shoes, for crying out loud. Shoes! But when you think about it, pretty much every other element of a bride and groom’s wedding attire gets a good bit of thought put into it: from the dress and the suit to the bouquet and the boutonniere to the jewels and baubles to adorn them all the way down to their skivvies. When you think about it that way, it seems only natural that shoes should also play a significant role in these theatrical shenanigans.

So, equipped with a mindset that these are important shoes, special shoes, wedding day shoes, I know I have a weighty task before me. They must be the perfect height to complement my dress, they must be comfortable and foremost, they must be fun, fierce and fantastic. No boring shoes here. I want color, I want pop, I want sizzle.

The shoe shopping search – though it has been taking place for months online – will begin in earnest this week. I have at my side my fellow shopping warrior, my sister, and she and I plan to take to the stores in which we’ll find all things heeled and leather- and satin- and vinyl-covered.

My fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to find my glass slipper(s).