I’m singing a Queen song in my head. And maybe also a little bit out loud. (I found shoes!)

Yep, that’s right, I have an uber-famous Queen song stuck in my head, and no, ladies and gents, this time it is not Fat Bottomed Girls. While I do consider FBG to be somewhat of an anthem for myself and my comrades with the ample derrières, this time that song is not applicable. …Though I do anxiously await its rotation in a jukebox (Do these actually still exist??) in a crowded bar one day in my future so I can belt its lyrics at the top of my lungs. I do love so love belting that tune. But I digress.

The Queen song I find myself singing these days is none other than the good ol’ in-your-face-losers anthem We Are the Champions. And I’m singing it from the point of view of the royal we. Because really we is just me. But I am no less a champion in my royal we-ness. No, I am every bit a champion. In what way, you ask? Because I found my wedding shoes!!

Yes, dozens of department stores and fancy shmancy retail shoe chains and innumerable web searches later, I am the proud owner of the prettiest wedding shoes in all the land. I’ll admit, I might be the slightest bit biased. But really, they are pretty stellar. They’re a rich, glorious, drool-worthy deep purple – a royal purple, some might even say. They’re not too tall and not too short but just the absolute perfect height for dress-to-floor optimization. They’re decadent satin with soft, subtle detailing. Can you tell I’m in shoe love?

Ok, ok, without further ado, here’s the shoe! (Yes, I’m a dork; I’m well aware that rhymed!)

The Nina Fulvia:


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