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Ways to personalize the wedding-day look, the headpiece edition

Like all brides, I want to look beautiful on my wedding day. But more than that, I want to look special, unique. Thankfully, there are oodles of ways to personalize a wedding-day look. There’s the style of the dress, the jewelry, the shoes, the hair – and of course, what you put in/on your hair!

I’ve been excited in recent weeks to see my wedding-day ensemble come together. I’ve had my dress from pretty early on in this process, and it’s been sort of like working at a canvas with a palette in hand, adding touches of color and pizzazz here and there. The first big accessories were the headpieces, which I am super stoked about. (*Spoiler Alert*: Go away, hubby-to-be if you are reading this!) When I purchased my dress, I also bought a lovely, simple veil. I love it because it’s really elegant and really minimalistic. It’s the kind that’s attached to a little comb you just stick into your hair at the back of your head and let it cascade down your back a bit. And, my most favorite part of all: a tiara! I have long had an infatuation with the bejeweled, bedazzled headpiece that is the tiara. Way before the newest royalty in Great Britain stole our hearts with her vintage wedding-day look that included a tiara sparkly and sophisticated enough for a princess, I have loved how beautiful these miniature crowns can be.

Now, I just need to figure out what the heck to do about my hair and makeup and we’ll just about have a legitimate wedding look created!