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Perms aren’t just for little old ladies and children of the ’80s anymore

I am a child of the late ’80s and early ’90s. And somehow, I managed to never get a perm.

I wore my share of acid-washed jeans (rolled at the bottoms, of course), layered socks, jellies and slap bracelets, but I never, ever had a perm. I was always so jealous of the girls in class with the perfectly crimped waves rippling through their locks. I did, however, have a mother at home who knew her way around a curling iron. On special occasions (picture day, anyone?) or usually just whenever I asked, she would bring out the all-powerful, curl-creating iron rod and transform my dull, straight hair to poofed, curled and teased perfection. I have the second-grade class picture to prove it.

Once the fads of the ’80s passed, the allure of the perm died out. Except with ladies my granny’s age. My granny used to rock an awesome perm. And she, like many of her counterparts, went with regularity to the salon to lock in place that curled look.

Well, friends, I’m here to tell you perms are no longer just for Punky Brewster-era kiddos or grandmas. I am now the official owner (wearer?) of my very own perm. ‘Why?,’ you ask. Because it’s driving me bonkers to grow out this straight, stringy hair of mine for the wedding day, and I decided I didn’t want to rock the straight, stringy look for my engagement photos. Which are being taken this week. Case closed.

So, with an equal mix of trepidation and child-like excitement, I scheduled an appointment with a salon downtown last week. Two and a half hours after sitting in my stylist’s chair, I walked out a new woman – one with curls that weren’t going to fall out after a few hours passed. It’s really nothing too crazy, just a nice little wave. I seriously could not be happier with it.


Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair. (You guys know that song, right? Right?)

So, I’m scared silly about what to do with my short-ish hair on our day of wedded bliss. I am absolutely consumed with envy of gals with layers of luxurious long locks (how’s that for alliteration?!), but my thin strands don’t have the oomph or Pantene-commercial shine to fall romantically down my back. Instead I opt for a length somewhere between chin and shoulders most of the time. I definitely plan to have hair long enough by December to do some sort of pulling back (it can be pulled back into a short knob of a ponytail now), but it’s definitely not going to be anything out of a celebrity wedding ‘dos magazine, I can guarantee that.

In an ideal world, I would have light, bouncy curls of hair cascading down my shoulders. Sorta like this.

Or, I would have hair long enough to twist into a glorious pile atop my head. Like this.

Or semi-piled atop the head and semi-cascading. Like this.

But in reality, I know I can’t pull off these looks. Stylesdowntheaisle.com has some great suggestions for shorter-haired gals like myself.
I do kinda love this.

My favorite image gallery for short styles might just be on brides.com. Like this one, for instance.

And in my dreams of my ‘do, I kinda love the idea of half up, half down. Sorta like this shot of Anna Paquin.

Anna Paquin on http://www.brides.com

Or like this.

Doing some snooping around for short styles has reassured me there might just be hope for me and my short locks yet.