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The beau and his compadres

Though so much focus is given to the bridal duds, I would be remiss if I didn’t give The Beau some time in the wedding fashion spotlight. Because, for seriousness, he is going to be looking pretty spiffy on said day.

When we started talking about what the Mister would wear on the big day, we wanted all options to be on the table: renting a tux, renting a suit, buying a suit or just going super casual with button-down shirts and a tie or something along those lines. The more we talked about it, the easier the decision became. We weren’t too keen on shelling out a couple hundred bucks for a rental suit or tux, when we knew buying a new suit meant he would then have something nice to keep and wear again. And so we embarked on a hunt for a black suit.

We veered from our course of action a bit, however, when we stumbled upon a dapper charcoal gray number at men’s store Bachrach. It became pretty clear to me that gray is the Mister’s color. He looked so handsome! So we purchased a charcoal gray suit and altered our plans a bit. Mr. Groom would wear his charcoal gray suit, and he would ask his attendants to wear black. We figured it wasn’t a bad thing for him to stand out and be a little different. I mean, it is sort of his his day to shine, right?

With charcoal tux purchased, The Beau set forth asking his three male attendants to wear any nice, black suit they might have or to see about purchasing or borrowing one. It turned out none actually had a black suit they could wear for the occasion, but all expressed excitement at the opportunity to purchase a suit they knew they would get some wear out of – which is what we had hoped would be the case!

That simply left The Beau’s one female attendant, whom – after much surfing of the Interwebs – we have decided to dub a groomslady! Lovely groomslady R has been such a sport and agreeable to anything, in terms of attire. We ultimately decided to have R wear the same dress my bridesmaids will be wearing, except instead of purple, hers will be black to match the fellows. And instead of silver shoes, like the other girls, she’ll wear black heels that match theirs.

I’m pretty excited! I think we’re going to be one good-looking bunch!