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Adventures in crinoline dying

After trying to think of ways to customize my wedding-day look, I was ecstatic when I came across a few deliciously colorful photos in the web-o-sphere of brides who decided to wear colored crinolines beneath their dresses. It was love at first sight. I absolutely loved the fun pop of color these wardrobe pieces provided. And I also loved the wide range of uses of the colored crinoline; some brides went for all-out, super vibrant color, while others opted for subtle hues of pinks or blues that gave just a slight nod to the whimsical.

I decided I had to give it a go. What better way to continue to pay homage to my personal favorite color *purple* and the weaving in of the color into my wedding day? I read several helpful how-to guides for dying using the magical color changer RIT dye and weighed the pros and cons of using powdered dye (more concentrated but there’s less of it) over liquid dye (less likely to dye as darkly as you might want but there’s more of it). I opted for liquid dye. I also opted for the ease of washing-machine dying. It required running hot water, detergent and bleach through the machine a time or two afterward to clean it out, but I figured it was a safer bet than potentially ruining a sink or a bathtub in my apartment.

So, with bottle of liquid dye in hand, I stuffed the layers of poofy crinoline I had purchased from Amazon into the hot pool of purple water in the washing machine and ran it for about 30 minutes.

The results were so-so. The tulle part (the fun part!) is a lovely light purple. However, the rest of the crinoline came out a cotton-candy shade of pink. Whoops. I had worried that might happen, as I had read that polyester doesn’t dye particularly well and I really had a hard time finding a crinoline that wasn’t polyester. So now I am left trying to decide whether it’s worth re-dying or going the more dangerous route of cutting the fabric away from the tulle since that’s the part I care the most about anyway.


Decisions, decisions

I’ll go ahead and apologize to any of you reading my blog who might be looking for non-wedding-related posts. My sincere apologies, but wedding mania has consumed my life. I don’t even know what I did before this.

It seems that wedding planning is really just one ridiculously long laundry list of decisions to be made. Decisions about everything from who would like to see our nuptials take place to whether people prefer veggie lasagna or beef tenderloin.

Here’s a sampling of some of the decisions dominating my life right now:

Invitations. Do I pay $5.7 bajillion dollars for super fancy shmancy invitations that have multiple fonts or boast embossed lettering or calligraphy? Or do I buy cardstock in bulk and start cutting and pasting the old-fashioned way?

Reception. Do I want a spacious, sparkly ballroom in which my guests, my groom and I can feel super swanky as we twirl about and say things like “hello dahling?” Or do I want a barn with questionable indoor heating but is one of those places that makes people say, “This place really has character?”

Wedding dress. Do I want the dress with all the style elements I’ve fallen in love with in the precisely 437 pictures I’ve feasted my eyes upon in magazine pictures and Web sites galore? Or do I want the dress that fits and flatters in all the right ways, even if it’s nothing like I had imagined it to be?

Food. Brunch, lunch or afternoon tea? Plated dinner or buffet? Dessert aplenty or just a wedding cake? What about a groom’s cake? Maybe throw in some cupcakes for good measure?

Or maybe there are happy mediums in all these areas and it doesn’t have to be about extremes. Maybe I can have my wedding cake and eat it too. 🙂

BTW, I did make one decision in the last couple of weeks …

Wedding-induced sensory overload

Wedding planning is simultaneously the most joyous and the most beastly process known to man. You think space shuttle missions, economic recovery initiatives and the prospect of establishing a friendship between the president and Donald Trump are doozies? You have no idea.

First, you have to set a date. And for someone as wishy washy and indecisive as me — let’s just be honest — that’s a terrifying first order of business. Ok, so I guess I skipped a step. The absolute first task was asking our siblings and some very dear friends to be our attendants. But that brings us to the the whole date-setting ordeal. Because in addition to my already tenuous nerves at selecting the date, a date to be written essentially in stone — or taffeta or baby’s breath, more like — heap on the fright I felt at trying to select a date that worked for our families, as well as our eight attendants. And was a date that seemed like it would work for the rest of our friends as well. I’m not kidding in the slightest when I say I didn’t eat or sleep for about the first week of our engagement. But, some dark circles under the eyes and a few pounds lost later (woohoo…dream wedding dress, here I come!), a date was set, and plans are now in motion for a winter wedding.

Make no mistake, however — having a date set is only one of the large early hurdles to be cleared in this wedding marathon. Then comes the guest list, the venue(s), the budget, the weather, the level of formality, the save the dates, the invitations, the photographer, the dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the groom and his attendants’ attire, the flowers, the decor, the music, the cake…seriously, the list goes on and on. I got a little lightheaded just typing all that.

I’m going to curl up into a ball and rock back and forth now.

Wedding planning a go go

My life is filled with wedding blogs and color combinations swirling around in my head and the checking out of books from the library. Who knew there could be so much to think about??

Deep breaths…

Holy wedding planning, batman! Now that we’ve enjoyed all of six days of engaged-ness (betrothedom?), I have plunged with reckless abandon into the abyss that is wedding planning. Who am I kidding — we got engaged on Saturday, I started planning on Sunday. …Or maybe I’ve been doing a teensy bit of planning for, oh, the last six months or so. (I’m a girl! In love with a boy! What do you expect?!)

Though, yes, I had made some important decisions already. (IE: It was a no-brainer who I wanted to stand beside me on my special day.), I definitely had no idea just how overwhelming real-deal, ring-on-the-finger, you-have-to-set-a-wedding-date-now wedding planning can be!

It’s amazing to me that so much has to go into planning something so simple: marrying my best friend. I mean, I guess it doesn’t have to be that way. We could elope. Or we could just invite our parents to join us in a dust-covered room at city hall. Or we could opt not to have a bridal party, not send out invitations and just hope everyone shows up at the right place at the right time, and I could forgo the painstaking process of picking out a dress and, in turn, forgo my one chance to wear the most beautiful white dress ever. Not one of those sounds like an option to me.

We love our friends and family, and we relish in the thought of them taking part in our day. We love each other a whole heck of a lot and, perhaps selfishly, think we deserve a day that’s all about us. And, who am I kidding, I want nothing more than to play dress up and walk down an aisle and proclaim my love to my husband-to-be.

The bridesmaid dresses, the color combinations, the invitations, the save-the-dates, setting a date to put on the save-the-dates!, taking pictures, thinking about reception food — it’s all completely and utterly overwhelming. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.