Wedding-induced sensory overload

Wedding planning is simultaneously the most joyous and the most beastly process known to man. You think space shuttle missions, economic recovery initiatives and the prospect of establishing a friendship between the president and Donald Trump are doozies? You have no idea.

First, you have to set a date. And for someone as wishy washy and indecisive as me — let’s just be honest — that’s a terrifying first order of business. Ok, so I guess I skipped a step. The absolute first task was asking our siblings and some very dear friends to be our attendants. But that brings us to the the whole date-setting ordeal. Because in addition to my already tenuous nerves at selecting the date, a date to be written essentially in stone — or taffeta or baby’s breath, more like — heap on the fright I felt at trying to select a date that worked for our families, as well as our eight attendants. And was a date that seemed like it would work for the rest of our friends as well. I’m not kidding in the slightest when I say I didn’t eat or sleep for about the first week of our engagement. But, some dark circles under the eyes and a few pounds lost later (woohoo…dream wedding dress, here I come!), a date was set, and plans are now in motion for a winter wedding.

Make no mistake, however — having a date set is only one of the large early hurdles to be cleared in this wedding marathon. Then comes the guest list, the venue(s), the budget, the weather, the level of formality, the save the dates, the invitations, the photographer, the dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the groom and his attendants’ attire, the flowers, the decor, the music, the cake…seriously, the list goes on and on. I got a little lightheaded just typing all that.

I’m going to curl up into a ball and rock back and forth now.


One response to “Wedding-induced sensory overload

  1. Yeah, it’s a lot of work for a few hours of party time, but definitely worth it, I think. Let me know if you want to chat/vent or if you’d like any vendor suggestions–all of our vendors were awesome!

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