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Two peas in a pod

I think it might be time to reveal what is quite possibly my favorite of my wedding crafting projects. Brace yourself for ultimate cuteness.

I found the pattern for this Amigurumi bride-and-groom-peas-in-a-pod on Lion Brand Yarn’s website and just had to make it. Had to.

Here’s the cuteness in all its glory.

Lovely Lion Brand Yarn to get my project started.

The pod!

The groom!

I love his top hat. He’s fancy.

The bride!

Isn’t her veil adorable?

Peas in a pod! Love these guys so much.

You can find the pattern I used here. It was super easy! I can’t wait to find the perfect spot to place these at our reception. I’m thinking either on the cake table, since I don’t think we’re going to have toppers, or in front of us at our dining table.


A crochet bouquet (Hey, that rhymes!)

I should warn you now; this is a picture-heavy post. I’m pretty excited (as evidenced by the eleventy billion pictures I took) about getting my crochet bouquet to a nearly-completed state. I previously talked about my decision to crochet my wedding flowers and posted pictures of the process of creating bridesmaids’ bouquets.

I followed a similar process for my bouquet. The only real difference is that I wanted the bridesmaids’ bouquets, which are smaller, to be plumped up – so I wrapped them in yarn for an all-over yarn-tastic look. For mine, I simply left the floral wire bare, and I think with the bigger bouquet it actually works.

I still might wrap white or silver ribbon around my bouquet, atop the floral tape, but so far, this is what I’ve got. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. I’m excited to walk down the aisle carrying something I made!

(As you can see, different lighting changes the look of the purple, which is an eggplant color.)

Fun with spray paint

Some of my favorite wedding DIY projects have involved none other than good ol’ cans of spray paint. It’s true. I’ve been channeling my inner wannabe-graffiti-artist by shaking up cans of paint and spraying their colorful contents onto otherwise boring surfaces.

I’ve always wanted to play with spray paint. I mean, let’s be honest, who hasn’t? It just looks like so much fun! But, as a law-abiding, non-graffiti-ing citizen, I had yet to come up with a craft project that would provide me a purpose for purchasing spray paint (like the alliteration there?). But, my friends, what is a wedding, if not a blank canvas upon which to spray paint to your heart’s desire? Ok, ok, maybe I’m getting sidetracked. The point is, in summary:

  • I’m getting married.
  • That provides fodder for DIY projects.
  • I decided to use spray paint.

One of the first craft store purchase I made was wooden initials representing mine and The Beau’s first names and the initial of our married last name. I know, it’s totally clichéd. Whatevs. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of monograms in day-to-day life, I love the use of initials in wedding décor! Call me corny, but I just just adore ’em. I bought them white, but that just wouldn’t do, so I bought a bottle of Krylon spray paint in a shiny nickel color and went to town.

Another project I’ve embarked on is the pictures-hanging-from-a-clothesline concept. Something kinda sorta like this:

I haven’t decided what sort of string, ribbon or twine I’ll use to suspend our photos from, but you can bet I’ve spray painted the heck out of some tiny clothespins!

I also decided we needed signs. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t need signs? Signs are good.

I dunno yet what I’m gonna write on this purple beauty yet.

But, with the help of a purple paint pen, I’ve already completed one sign!

(I really like the imperfection in the wood between “to” and “our.”)

Up close and personal w/ the bouquets

Since we got engaged, so many pieces of this big wedding-planning puzzle have fallen so easily into place. I found my dress about a month after the beau popped the question. We found our ceremony and reception venues with ease. Wedding colors seemed to fall into our laps. For all that came effortlessly, one thing remained a big fat question mark: wedding flowers.

For some brides, having lots of lush flowers and greenery is a must. I began to realize it was not a priority for me. While I love, love flowers, I couldn’t imagine devoting a significant portion of our budget to flowers that would potentially have a super short shelf life. Aside from the money factor, it just didn’t feel very green to me. Granted, I’m not the most environmentally-conscious person there is, but I feel like I try. And as much as I love flowers that bloom in the park or my potted orchids, I was uncomfortable with the idea of flowers doomed to die.

Once I’d made the decision that I didn’t need or want flowers that were the real deal, I began to mull over possible alternatives. And alternatives there are! It’s awesome how many other options are out there.

I loved the idea of fans, spread beautifully before each girl.

But then I decided for a December wedding, fans probably don’t make that much sense. I think they would be gorgeous for a spring or summer wedding, but are probably not as suited to the colder, winter months. I mean, let’s be honest, who’s going to be fanning themselves in December? (Although in North Carolina, one can never be too sure!)

So, with the idea of fitting the winter theme in mind, I trudged forward. And straight into hand muffs. And for a little while, I was sold. I loved how quaint and different the idea of the muff is.

But then, slowly but surely, I stopped being in love with the idea of hand muffs.

And for a time, I considered candles.

As before, however, I wasn’t completely sold. The more I thought about it, I realized I had been coming back to one idea over and over: a crochet bouquet.

Now, I know this means I run the risk of people thinking I’m an old lady or just flat-out crazy, but that’s ok with me. I’m pumped about the idea of flowers o’ yarn! So I hit the web in search of the perfect flower to comprise my bouquets, and presto, landed on http://www.planetjune.com.

I followed the super easy instructions for the Basic Rose. Our main color is going to be purple, with blue and silver accents. I decided to make blue and silver/gray flowers for my lovely bridesmaids to carry, while I wanted a deep purple hue.

This is where I found my pattern:

It gives step-by-step instructions for making a rose:

For making the calyx, or the green underside of the rose:

For sewing them together:

And voila!

I strayed from the instructions on this site a bit when it came to making the stem for the rose. I used floral wire bent in half, to give it some thickness, and I wrapped it in green yarn several times over. I jabbed the wire through the flowers and clamped the wire down on the inside of the flower. Then I wrapped the bottoms in green floral tape and pinned everything together with a couple of pretty floral pins!

I love how my bridesmaid bouquets turned out:

Now I just have to assemble mine!

Crochet projects: from purses to favors to wedding bouquets

For better or worse (wait, those sound like wedding vows!), I have decided to crochet several different decorations and other wedding-day essentials. I know I run the risk of some people thinking I’m either super cheesy or a 97-year-old trapped in a 28-year-old’s body, but I don’t really care.

Though I have picked up a crochet hook and yarn and fiddled around from time to time for literally a decade or more (My mother can crochet anything, and I always got the bug when I watched her work.), it wasn’t until a year ago I sat down and made myself complete a project. That project was a scarf. And I had so much freakin’ fun I made about 10 or 12 more. Seriously. I gave practically everyone I know a scarf for Christmas last year. I was giddy over having conquered this new skill.

Anyway, with my newfound love for all things yarn, I decided to put my fingers to work and embark on some wedding-related projects. Those projects include: favor bags (Yes, even though you can buy multi-packs of favor bags at virtually any craft store, I decided to make my own.), an evening bag for myself for the big day and an absolutely adorable Amigurumi (a type of stuffed crochet toy or object) bride and groom in the form of two peas in a pod that I’ll share more about later. And, perhaps more important than anything else, I decided to crochet my and my bridesmaid’s bouquets. Call me crazy, but after struggling for months to decide what to carry and getting nowhere, it seemed like the perfect solution.

Here are a few pictures of some of my completed/near completed projects (evening bag, favor bags and  bridesmaid bouquets):

It crawls…it creeps… No, it’s not The Blob. It just looks like a wedding threw up in here.

Wedding planning is overtaking my apartment.

It’s creeping its way into every nook and cranny and over top of every clean surface. What was once a guest room is now no longer recognizable as such. There are hand-painted signs laid out to dry. Miscellaneous bottles of paint, stickers, yarn, spools of ribbon, leaving a trail of pretty color winding behind them. There’s the collection of various glass bottles that I don’t even know if I need or not, but I can’t bear to part with. There’s craft glue and floral tape and pins as far as the eye can see. It’s madness, I tell you.

I’m not sure what I would do if I actually had any visitors. How to explain the doilies spread across the living room floor? Or the board game with its guts spilled out next to the doilies? Or the fact that you have to squeeze your cup of coffee in amidst various crating accouterments onto the coffee table. Coffee table it is no longer. It is now the permanent keeper of crocheted bits and bobs and strands of this and that and about five skeins of yarn in different colors. How to explain there’s no bed in which to sleep in the guest room? I’m sorry, dear guest, that bed is currently occupied with pieces of wood, boxes of favors and wedding-day shoes. I’m sure you’ll understand.

And please, please, pay no attention to the large piece of cardboard on which it looks like a craft project died a messy, dirty death, spilling its purple blood everywhere.