Crochet projects: from purses to favors to wedding bouquets

For better or worse (wait, those sound like wedding vows!), I have decided to crochet several different decorations and other wedding-day essentials. I know I run the risk of some people thinking I’m either super cheesy or a 97-year-old trapped in a 28-year-old’s body, but I don’t really care.

Though I have picked up a crochet hook and yarn and fiddled around from time to time for literally a decade or more (My mother can crochet anything, and I always got the bug when I watched her work.), it wasn’t until a year ago I sat down and made myself complete a project. That project was a scarf. And I had so much freakin’ fun I made about 10 or 12 more. Seriously. I gave practically everyone I know a scarf for Christmas last year. I was giddy over having conquered this new skill.

Anyway, with my newfound love for all things yarn, I decided to put my fingers to work and embark on some wedding-related projects. Those projects include: favor bags (Yes, even though you can buy multi-packs of favor bags at virtually any craft store, I decided to make my own.), an evening bag for myself for the big day and an absolutely adorable Amigurumi (a type of stuffed crochet toy or object) bride and groom in the form of two peas in a pod that I’ll share more about later. And, perhaps more important than anything else, I decided to crochet my and my bridesmaid’s bouquets. Call me crazy, but after struggling for months to decide what to carry and getting nowhere, it seemed like the perfect solution.

Here are a few pictures of some of my completed/near completed projects (evening bag, favor bags and  bridesmaid bouquets):


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