Two peas in a pod

I think it might be time to reveal what is quite possibly my favorite of my wedding crafting projects. Brace yourself for ultimate cuteness.

I found the pattern for this Amigurumi bride-and-groom-peas-in-a-pod on Lion Brand Yarn’s website and just had to make it. Had to.

Here’s the cuteness in all its glory.

Lovely Lion Brand Yarn to get my project started.

The pod!

The groom!

I love his top hat. He’s fancy.

The bride!

Isn’t her veil adorable?

Peas in a pod! Love these guys so much.

You can find the pattern I used here. It was super easy! I can’t wait to find the perfect spot to place these at our reception. I’m thinking either on the cake table, since I don’t think we’re going to have toppers, or in front of us at our dining table.


One response to “Two peas in a pod

  1. Mary, these are absolutely adorable! I am so proud of your craftiness. – your second mother

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