I’m on the hunt for shoes

The shoes. The shoes that will perfectly complete my wedding ensemble. I’m searching for shoes that will make my heart pitter patter and will make clouds part and rays of sunshine beam through and a choir to sing. (Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. But you get the idea; these shoes are special.)

On one hand, it seems kinda crazy to invest so much energy into one pair of shoes. They’re shoes, for crying out loud. Shoes! But when you think about it, pretty much every other element of a bride and groom’s wedding attire gets a good bit of thought put into it: from the dress and the suit to the bouquet and the boutonniere to the jewels and baubles to adorn them all the way down to their skivvies. When you think about it that way, it seems only natural that shoes should also play a significant role in these theatrical shenanigans.

So, equipped with a mindset that these are important shoes, special shoes, wedding day shoes, I know I have a weighty task before me. They must be the perfect height to complement my dress, they must be comfortable and foremost, they must be fun, fierce and fantastic. No boring shoes here. I want color, I want pop, I want sizzle.

The shoe shopping search – though it has been taking place for months online – will begin in earnest this week. I have at my side my fellow shopping warrior, my sister, and she and I plan to take to the stores in which we’ll find all things heeled and leather- and satin- and vinyl-covered.

My fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to find my glass slipper(s).


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