Live with…whom?

One of the coolest things I got to do on my recent trip to New York was fulfill a years-long desire to visit the Live show. You know, the one that’s currently “Live with Kelly and Michael” that was “Live with Regis and Kelly” before that. And, of course, way back before Kathie Lee found Hoda, she had Regis to foil her special brand of crazy when they hosted “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee”.

I grew up watching Live with my mother, simultaneously wondering who those crazy hosts were (and why they always seemed to have psychics and wild-animal handlers on their show) and loving them for being so crazy. I then fell in love with the show all over again in college. Some semesters, I’d have that 9-10 a.m. slot free, and it was then that I kicked my love for Kathie Lee to the curb and embraced Kelly as my new favorite kooky television personality. Seriously, she’s so freaking adorable. I just love her.

And though I rarely get to watch the show these days, I love nothing more than those sick days or vacation days when I get to be home and tune in. I love hearing her talk about her family, her hot husband and the celebrity-filled life she leads. I was excited a few months ago when Michael Strahan was named her co-host, after Regis decided to retire. (Don’t worry; my allegiance will always be with Regis, but come on, let the man retire. He’s 103 years old!) I like Michael and Kelly’s chemistry together, their banter and, of course, their hilarious size difference.

When my plans for New York came together, I knew I had to seek out tickets. And I’m so glad I did. The little girl who grew up watching this perfectly imperfect morning show was giddy to get a chance to watch the magic unfold from the studio audience.

Gelman! Anyone who’s watched this show for any length of time can appreciate the fact that I was almost as excited to see Michael Gelman in person as I was to see Kelly and Michael.

Commercial break. In between makeup touch-ups and chatting with the celeb guests (Bruce Willis and Molly Shannon), they conversed with the audience.

Love her. So adorable, I just wanna put her in my pocket.


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