What have you done?

What have you done so far in 2013 to find your happy? I do hope you’re doing everything you possibly can to find it. If your resolution wasn’t to be the happiest you that you can be – well, it should have been.

I’ll agree that it’s not always easy to find the happy. But it’s always there. One fist-pumping Livin’ On a Prayer away. I guarantee it.

Some ways I’ve found happy so far this year:
By ringing in the new year in my pajamas. Try and beat that. I dare you.
By way of heart-to-heart conversations across the cubicle wall (partition? flimsy divider?) with a coworker who makes Work Therapy a legitimate and validated thing.
By celebrating the wedding of two crazy kids who were meant to be together forever and ever, amen.
By rediscovering pears. (Seriously, they’re still awesome, you guys.)
By making brownies with sprinkles on top. Because everything’s better with sprinkles.
Ever heard of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts? Well, turns out, In-Your-Vehicle-All-Alone Concerts are also pretty freaking legitimate.
By way of dancing around my living room. Just call me one happy, living-room-dancing cliche´.


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