When in Rome. Or Milwaukee, more accurately.

Last weekend, the Redhead and I went out to dinner with two of our friends. I wanted to go to Louise’s downtown because I’ve heard good things about it. …And it’s Italian food. …And I love Italian. …And when I’ve had Louise’s from a cart during summer events on Catherdral Square, it’s always been tasty. Do I need any more reasons?

After satiating my ever-present need for Italian (for the time being), I feel compelled to treat you to an abbreviated review of the four Italian restaurants that I’ve been to in Milwaukee. You’re welcome.

Louise’s: The prices were great; most of the entrees were around $15ish, which my wallet smiled upon. The bread and dipping oil were tasty. The vegetable tortellini was good. I say good, because it wasn’t great. Overall, this isn’t somewhere I’d go if I were craving a succulent, saucy Italian dinner. However, it is a perfect spot for an affordable double date. B-

Zarletti: Delicious. So, so delicious. Went here for a special occasion, and I fell in love with this gem of a downtown dining spot. The butternut squash ravioli was on special the night I went, and it was to. die. for. And the tiramisu was pretty spot-on as well. Would definitely go here again and recommend. Solid A.

Pizzeria Piccola: Ok, so it’s not really a full-on Italian restaurant. More of a gourmet pizza place. But it’s definitely worth including. Fresh, hot, quasi-authentic pies for a decent price. And the service is always good. B+

Calderone Club:
This spot is often overlooked when it comes to discussing Milwaukee’s Italian offerings. But let me assure you, this is quality Italian. I lived near here and went on two or three occasions, and each time, I was more than satisfied. Love, love, love the gnocchi here. Great spot downtown. A-


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