Mini lessons learned while doing save-the-dates

-I’m not as good of an address-book-maintainer as I originally thought I was. And, as it turns out, having save-the-date recipients’ addresses is kinda important. Apparently knowing someone’s e-mail address, being their friend on Facebook or following them on Twitter will not be of benefit to the post office.

-I’m glad I journal regularly (Yes, I really am that dorky.) and that I make myself write in cursive in it. Otherwise I would have completely forgotten how to pen those loopy letters. I still managed to mess up about, oh, 15 or 20 envelopes because I couldn’t connect a “g” and a “y,” or I wrote the wrong first name or because I stumbled over Polish last names with lots of “z”s.

-On a related note, I have completely forgotten how to make a cursive uppercase Z. My apologies to all my early elementary school teachers.

-On another related note, I’m really glad we decided to get a personalized return address stamp. One address per envelope was a tall enough order.

-If you order more save-the-dates than you actually need, you get to plaster your own refrigerator with your smiling mugs.


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