There’s no going back now!

Dozens of licked envelopes and cursive-penned addresses later, most of our save-the-dates (There are still a few addresses we need to obtain.) are in the hands of the US Postal Service and on their way to people we love in Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, North Carolina and South Carolina – whew, that’s a lot of places!

Thinking of these little wedding notices being dispersed across the country to our friends and family, I am simultaneously giddy with excitement and somewhat overwhelmed by the gravity of what sending these save-the-dates represents. I have no apprehensions whatsoever about marrying my best friend; what feels weighty to me is knowing we are officially asking more than 100 people to decide that our wedding day is important enough to set this date aside , forgo other plans and potentially travel several hours to spend it with us. I think it is really hitting me what we’re asking of everyone. Though I know that not everyone who is invited will come, those who do come will be making sacrifices of time and money to be with us and that’s both overwhelming and extremely meaningful.

More than anything, though, I feel extremely lucky. What a gift it is that we have so many people who mean so much to us. What a wonderful thing to have friends and family scattered all over the country. And what a ridiculously exciting thought that our wedding will be an occasion to bring many of them together.

Ending sentimental musings now.


One response to “There’s no going back now!

  1. I think that was my favorite part of our wedding–having friends and family from all over the country come together, in one place, to celebrate with us. I loved getting to see everyone all together.

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