Things I’m Currently Extremely Thankful For

Once upon a time, the list of things I was thankful for went a little something like this: Sleeping in on Saturdays. Sales at Banana Republic. Really good hair days.

Since having a baby, my thankful-for list looks a little different these days. The following are things that have me throwing my hands in the air like my fav praise-hands emoji.

  • Changing tables in bathrooms. Never before have I been so thankful to see the cartoon face of a Koala before. Otherwise, the search is on for anything that can improvise: a low wall, a car trunk, a large lap. Whatev.
  • Family restrooms. These are like magical potty palaces. Mommy, daddy and baby can all go potty together. Weeee!
  • Changing table straps. Once V started rolling, it was game over. She’s like Michael Scott trying to houdini out of a straight jacket.

(Apparently much of what I’m thankful for revolves around going potty. And also, apparently I say “going potty” now.)

  • Toothless smiles. She looks like a little old lady who’s lost her dentures, and it’s the most beautiful thing ever.
  • Third cups of coffee. Cue Handel’s “Messiah.” And praise hand emojis (again).
  • Sleep. I get to sleep about seven hours every night. Every. Night. Remember those early days after bringing baby home when the most I could sleep was maybe four hours at a stretch? Yeah, I don’t remember them either. They went by in a blur of sweat pants and reheated pizza.

Am I officially in the Mom Club now if the things that make me feel warm-fuzzy-thankful are all currently baby-related? Ok, fine. I still really like sales at Banana Republic and good hair days. I’m not a robot.


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