Bridge Over Troubled Weather

I don’t know about you, but these last few weeks have almost been harder for me than the 9-degree, snow-covered days from the heart of winter. Because summer is so close I can taste it. And yet, it’s still just doing it’s tip-toe dance of peekaboo. Hiding behind clouds and broken promises.

While I long for days filled with sunshine, sandals and skirts, I’m doing my best to bridge the time between winter and summer and to make the most of this in-between, this weather purgatory.

Home improvement projects
I painted a room. A room with a brazen shade of blue walls that’s been taunting me ever since we moved in. It was time to send it to join its gaudy brethren in the annals of Walls of Questionable Decisions Past.
Over the week I painted, most days were warm enough to pop windows open and let in some fresh air. And it felt so good to be accomplishing something on my never-ending household to-do list.

Take a class
I signed up for a sewing class with the rec department. It was such a great distraction from the tiny tears shed each time I put on my coat. I loved finding a fun new creative outlet to unleash some of my pent-up energy. And I figured this was better than a bonfire of coats in the back yard.

Put that spring fever to good use
I started my spring cleaning. Because why not? What better way to get amped for spring than to start going through the motions. Although, I would argue you shouldn’t go through all the motions. Your toes will hate you if you bust out your flip flops right now, and windburn from patio-sitting too soon is an affliction best avoided.
It’s a huge cliché, but I love spring cleaning. (Judge away.) I love the excuse to go through closets and weed out barely-worn clothes and to organize the basement. So join me in packing up those boxes and bags for Goodwill!

Get outside!
I’ve started walking/jogging outside again. It’s not summer yet, but man 40s and 50s feel a heck of a lot better than the frigid temps of winter. My legs are thanking me for remembering they exist. Pretty sure my soul is whispering sweet nothings to me as well.

It may be a while yet before warm weather finds its way to Wisconsin, but join me in pre-gaming. Here’s to summer(ish)!


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