And here we are again

Here we are again, sitting on the precipice of another holiday season. Another year drawing to a close, slowly but surely.

For some reason, though this is the time the leaves and the grass and the flowers die, it’s inevitably when I wake up. With a start. And realize the year is leaking through my hands like water and I can’t hold it in, no matter how hard I try. And I have a moment of panic, because where did these months go? And I find myself hoping I’ve been living them, experiencing them.


For the most part, I really think I have been. You know, living and being and doing. Like the rest of us, I survived the Winter From Hell. With a little help from some fun skiing and sledding and snow angel adventures. Oh, and a quick trip to South Carolina to see my sweet Kelly get married.



Then, in April, I ran a 5k. My first run since throwing my knees and hip out of whack (Gah, I sound like I’m 80) training (poorly) for the super ridiculously awesome Cooper River Bridge Run in 2008 and another one in 2009. I had sort of sworn off running and figured my short-lived, completely UN-illustrious running career was over for good. But then an opportunity arose and I ran and it wasn’t great but it was good and I did it and it was rewarding to finish a run yet again.

And then in May we flew to Boston to visit a dear friend. And that was AMAZING. And I already want to go back. Walking the Freedom Trail was a more moving experience than I ever expected it to be. Being in a city that shaped so much of our shared life course as Americans was intensely fascinating.

In July there was a trip down South, to Tennessee and the Carolinas. And that time with friends and family and all that sweet tea and those biscuits and gravy? Mmm mmm mmm. Good for the soul. And then there was time with hubs’ family. Also quite good for the soul. As family time so often is.


And then, oh hey, another 5k in September. Crazy.
Now here we are. Greeting October. (Hi, October!) and almost a year at my beloved job. And approaching a dear friend’s wedding.


My heart is so full and I can’t wait for what’s to come.




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