The cold. Why is it so common?

Oh, you sneaky scoundrel, you. You effortlessly contagious, germy son of a gun.

Yes, it’s true, I received a visit from the dreaded Cold this week. And while I’m not big fun of said Cold, I have to admit he’s a heck of a lot friendlier than the Flu. I shudder at just the thought of those body aches and that feeling akin to death warmed over. However, I digress. I did not have the Flu that was apparently such a jerk to everyone this season. So perhaps I shouldn’t be complaining. But, you see, I’d really like to. Because my Cold wracked me with coughs and sneezes and filled me to the brim with unseemly mucus (grossed out, yet?). And, well, it made me spend a whole day like this.


And while I like vegging out as much as the next person, this was not so much vegging out as lying there in a dumbfounded, sinus-cavity-filled-to-maximum-pressure stupor.
A big shout out to my body’s immune system. You fought hard, my friend. And you won. Till next time, Cold, till next time.


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