The Sunshine State

We’ve had a trip planned to Florida for a friend’s wedding for quite some time. We figured it would be a welcomed departure from a cold and dreary Wisconsin winter. As it’s turned out, however, Wisconsin’s been warm and toasty. Well, at least by Wisconsin standards. As in, two less-than-substantial snows and temps that have hung out like cool kids around the low- to mid-40s. The puffiest of coats and warmest of mittens have remained in the closets.

So this getaway to Florida doesn’t quite have the same can’t-wait-to-bask-in-the-sunlight sense of urgency as it might ordinarily have, but still. It’s Florida. In January. I’m still pa-lenty excited.

Can’t wait to sing Bon Jovi and Journey songs at the top of my lungs, and shake my stuff on the dance floor with some terrific friends. Oh, and of course, wish a long and happy marriage to two friends who deserve nothing but the best.


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