Somebody clean up this confetti.

Perhaps it’s a testament to age, or maybe simply a nod to past celebrations celebrated too fully – ifyaknowwhatimean – but this year, the redhead and I decided to ring in the new year in subdued fashioned. We traded dressy duds for PJs, and we planted ourselves firmly on the couch. We indulged ourselves in the mind candy that is the day-long marathon of The Twilight Zone. (Only one of the best. shows. EVER.) We drank cocktails, and, probably as a result of those cocktails, we engaged in the true American pastime of watching Youtube’s finest clips, alternately laughing hysterically and sobbing (Ok, the sobbing was all me.). What? You didn’t spend your NYE watching Caine’s Arcade? Psshh.

At midnight, we toasted with champagne and shared a kiss. Then, because we’re old geezers, we curled up in bed.

Greetings, 2013. I look forward to what you have in store.


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