Bring out the rubber duckies, it’s almost time for a shower

Up until very recently, I thought I was going to be a shower-less bride. No, not the soapy, rub-a-dub kind of shower, silly, the other kind.

I didn’t think I was going to be the recipient of any wedding showers. Not a single gosh-darn one. It made me a little sad to think I might miss out on getting together with some of my favorite ladies and celebrating my impending nuptials with such a time-honored tradition. But, since we haven’t lived in Wisconsin very long I certainly wasn’t expecting one to take place here. And being so far away from family and friends that are scattered about Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina made me think a shower in the Southeast would be out of the question too.

And then a friend intervened. My dear friend RB told me on the phone about a month ago that I couldn’t be shower-less and that I must figure out a date I could be in South Carolina, because she was bound and determined to throw me a shower. I got off the phone feeling elated. I was going to get my very own shower!

It just so happens I had managed to finagle a weekend to get down to the Carolinas for my bachelorette festivities. I told RB that would be the perfect time for a shower, and we could just make a weekend of it. And thankfully, when I ran the idea past all my bachelorette party companions, they were all on board for a weekend of celebrations.

That weekend is quickly approaching, and I am so stinkin’ excited. I can’t wait to revel in a little fun with my favorite gals.

And when I got this little beauty in the mail recently, I may have squealed a little (or maybe a lot). RB jazzed up the bride on this invitation, who apparently originally came with a black sash. She added the purple to go with our color scheme and bedazzled her by adding the fun jewels. I think she did a fabulous job!

(Sorry for the smudging on the invitation; names, dates and times have been smudged for privacy!)


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