In the milieu of wedding-related excitement, I’m also pumped about our caterer. Many caterers, we found, want to charge a freakin’ arm and a leg to serve up weddin’ day eats. It’s crazy to me how much so many of them are charging. Seriously, at the prices we were hearing, we would’ve had to pick our 10 favorite guests and just feed them and make everybody else stand in a corner. Or, you know, not invite as many people. But that’s no fun.

Thankfully, we found a caterer that charges much more reasonable rates and comes with great recommendations. It sounds like they know how to serve up some tasty dishes, so that’s exciting. And as an added bonus, they (a husband and wife duo) seem super nice. Score.

They are (aside from our photographer) the only vendor we’ve had a chance to meet with in person. This whole planning-a-wedding-from-afar thing has its drawbacks, namely not being able to meet with people face to face. Which kinda stinks, since you’re asking these people to be a part of such an important occasion.

But, all that said, the caterers were among a few vendors we scheduled appointments with the one weekend we’ve been back in North Carolina since we moved to Wisconsin earlier this year, and they definitely impressed us. They allowed us to come into their kitchen and sit and chat for a bit about our ideas. And we just spent a little while getting to know one another. The wife is the face of the company, doing more of the face-to-face business, while the husband works his magic in the kitchen. Though we didn’t get to try any food yet, when I called several people on their list of references, my mouth started watering at the descriptions. Plus, they’ve told us anytime we’re back in town, they’d be glad to do a tasting for us. I can’t wait!


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