Movin’ on up…to Westown Milwaukee

And this is what an empty apartment looks like.

Thank goodness we had decided to bring with us the tiny fold-up stools we bought a few months back at Eddie Bauer. Those were all we had to sit on for a couple of days.

This is also what an empty apartment looks like.

We arrived at our new apartment on Wednesday. Our possessions took the slow route and didn’t join us until the following Monday.

We may not have had any pots or pans, but we had a crock pot. Booyah.

While we waited for our worldly possessions, we ate quite a few sandwiches and bowls of cereal — with the finest paper and plastic around. Thankfully we did have one means with which to cook: a glorious, shiny new crock pot.

Chicken tortilla soup.

That’s chicken tortilla soup for ya.

Yummy deliciousness.

And then the blue carpet was rolled out...

The movers arrived! And they rolled out the ritzy blue carpet.

And then boxes began to appear...

And they multiplied.

And multiplied some more.


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